Greetings, FUNToken community! As we forge ahead in 2023, we are delighted to present our July monthly digest, full of accomplishments and announcements, along with our ambitious plans for August.

July was an unprecedented month for In our continual efforts to enhance your experience, we broadened our portfolio, launched numerous exciting features, and worked on several vital improvements.

One of the significant milestones in July was unveiling of the FUNToken Seed Fund. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to stimulate the incorporation of the FUNToken into the growing blockchain technology landscape. We have set aside a whopping 20 million FUNTokens to be distributed in bundles of 500,000 each to 40 pioneering projects.

The aim is to encourage these dapps to devise innovative applications, services, or products seamlessly incorporating the FUNToken, thereby increasing its utility and value. Moreover, qualifying dapps will gain access to a staggering 50 million crypto users via, significantly expanding their reach and potential impact. If your project aligns with our vision and is eager to be part of this transformative initiative, we invite you to apply.

We had a successful AMA with BTSE, further cementing our relationship with our community. We value your queries and inputs, and the written AMA follow-up will be published in August.

On the gaming front, our platform, dPlay, saw the addition of over 60 new games from Pragmatic Play and 32 new games from various providers, taking our total new launches to over 90 games in a month! We also doubled the number of jackpot games, providing even more opportunities for our players to win big. Adding to the excitement, we successfully ran 11 tournaments on, making the gaming experience more thrilling than ever.

We’re pleased to announce our listing on the BTSE Exchange. This move increases the accessibility and visibility of FUNToken, aiding our goal of widespread adoption.

To enhance our user experience and outreach, we launched a Lend & Earn campaign on To make our service smoother and more reliable, we released version 2.1 of the XFUNWallet with various bug fixes. We also improved the speed on dPlay, further optimizing your gaming experience.

Now, let’s unveil what we have in store for August! We aim to expand our reach and enrich our user experience through more listings and partnerships. We will launch the much-awaited Pragmatic Play Live Casino on and introduce a new provider, Mascot Gaming. More jackpot games for dPlay and FUNToken listings are also expanding our gaming suite and market visibility.

We will also be working on more integrations for FUN and updating our roadmap to align with the evolving needs of our company and community. Additionally, expect to hear more about our new management team as we plan to share introductions of each person soon. Finally, prepare for another engaging AMA with our newly joined CTO, Andrew Haigh.

In closing, we thank our community for your unswerving support. Your enthusiasm fuels our ambition, and we can’t wait for you to join us in August.


About FUNToken

FUNToken’s objective is simple – harnessing the power of blockchain tech to create “trustless” gaming ecosystems that users can rely on and operators can implement seamlessly.

FUNToken is backed by the best in the business – is committed to fueling FUNToken’s efforts of making non-custodial gaming an industry standard.


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