After a record-making quarter (more hodlers, more volume, more poker players!), FUN is doing an “AMA” with the world’s largest crypto exchange: Binance.
You’ll find our AMA with Binance with our CEO, Adriaan Brink, on their Telegram channel.
Mark your calendars!
Thursday 29 July 2021 at 10 am UTC. 
Ask anything. Hear about our future plans. Our next token? Next casino? Trading competition? More casino/poker tournaments? Next partner taking FUN? Trading competition on Binance? Deals are signed… we’ll tell you everything that we can (NDAs are a bitch!)
And we’ll have $3000.00 in FUN tokens up for grabs for participants.
So more info, more insights, and more free FUN join us on Binance’s Telegram channel, and let’s go to town.
See you there!

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