We are thrilled to announce an innovative partnership between FUNToken and Rh!noX, a pioneering force in SoulBound NFTs. This strategic alliance is set to transform the way identities and social credibility are perceived and utilized within the Web3 space.

Introducing Rh!noX: The Vanguard of Digital Identity

Launched in June 2022, Rh!noX emerged as one of the first SoulBound NFTs, offering a unique blend of digital identity and artistic expression. These tokens, crafted by renowned artists, not only serve as a symbol of identity but also as a measure of one’s credibility and sociability on Web3 platforms, thanks to Rh! noX’s innovative credit rating system.

The ethos of Rh!noX resonates with its commitment to authenticity, community, and trust. The Rh!noX team is steadfast in creating an ecosystem that not only provides practical use cases for NFTs but also bridges the gap between NFT enthusiasts and the broader digital community. The ultimate goal is to foster a space where a credible yet anonymous digital identity empowers individuals and enriches social interactions.

The partnership between FUNToken and Rh!noX is a testament to our shared vision of an interconnected and authentic Web3 environment. This collaboration is not just about integrating Rh! Nox’s SoulBound NFTs into the FUNToken ecosystem, but also about leveraging their unique identity system for enhanced user interaction, security, and community building. Rh!noX holders will gain access to exclusive features and perks within the FUNToken ecosystem, expanding the horizons of what our tokens can achieve.

This partnership is about redefining the relationship between identity and transactions in DeFi and GameFi. The journey with Rh!noX is a step toward solidifying a social foundation integral to the future of Web3. By embracing SoulBound NFTs as proof of identity, we set a standard for authenticity and trust in digital interactions. Rh!noX’s influence is set to extend beyond our ecosystem as we encourage other projects to consider this robust identity verification system.

We invite our community to celebrate this partnership with Rh!noX as we endeavor to create a more secure, trustworthy, and engaging Web3 world for all.

About FUNToken

With over 350,000 token holders and staking users worldwide, FUN Token is one of the leading GameFi tokens globally. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, FUN was crafted to provide a fast, transparent, decentralized, and trustless solution for iGaming ecosystems. By leveraging the power of DeFi, FUN Token creates gaming ecosystems that users can depend on and operators can seamlessly integrate.

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