We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! FUNToken has established a strategic alliance with Astra Nova, a revolutionary Web3 RPG developed on Unreal Engine 5. This collaboration is focused on the MENA & SEA regions and represents a significant leap in Web3 Gaming.

A Leap into the Future of Gaming

This partnership is more than a mere collaboration; it is a joint venture into the innovative realms of Web3 Gaming. Together, FUNToken and Astra Nova are set to redefine the gaming landscape, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to technological advancement and pioneering spirit.

$FUN Gets a New ‘Playground’

We are particularly excited about integrating $FUN tokens into the Astra Nova Web3 RPG game. This integration is not just about bringing a new utility to $FUN; it’s about elevating the entire gaming experience, opening up new possibilities for gamers and token holders alike.

Exclusive Benefits for $FUN Stakers

We have ambitious plans to roll out exclusive features for $FUN token stakers. These include access to special game levels, exclusive rewards within the Astra Nova ecosystem, and early access to new content. These features are designed to enrich the gaming experience for our community.

Amplified Marketing Efforts

Our collaboration extends beyond technology integration. We are gearing up for an extensive joint marketing campaign featuring $FUN across Astra Nova’s promotional materials. This includes a comprehensive strategy encompassing social media, community engagement, and exclusive events to boost both brands’ visibility and engagement.

Community-Centric Approach

Central to our partnership is the focus on building a vibrant community. We are planning interactive events, AMAs, and special contests that will engage and reward our loyal community members for their support.

This collaboration with Astra Nova marks the start of an exciting journey for FUNToken. We are determined to reshape the Web3 Gaming landscape, create new standards, and deliver unique experiences to our community. We invite you to stay tuned for more updates as we advance on this thrilling path together.

About FUNToken

FUNToken’s objective is simple – harnessing the power of blockchain tech to create “trustless” gaming ecosystems that users can rely on and operators can implement seamlessly.

FUNToken is backed by the best in the business – FreeBitco.in is committed to fueling FUNToken’s efforts of making non-custodial gaming an industry standard.

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About Astra Nova

Astra Nova is a MENA & SEA-focused Web3 Gaming company focused on creating lasting community value for avid gamers and NFT enthusiasts.

The company is building a web3 RPG free-to-play game, powered by Hedera and built on UnrealEngine 5, based on the core Web3 principle of blockchain interoperability & transparency. Bringing this to life is a team of industry veterans in game development, award-winning creatives & leaders in brand marketing. 


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