Spoiler alert: it’s a bullish one!
While in 2022, volatility prevails on all markets, FUN Token has been showing strong resilience and a very stable price. Let’s dig deeper to understand the fundamentals behind that trend and what it augurs for the future.

A deflationary ecosystem:

More than 1 Billion FUN Token have been locked on our partner website: Freebitco.in. This milestone has been reached in less than 7 months. In addition, at the end of every quarter, half of the Net profits are burnt. Those profits are expected to increase at a sustained rate as activity grows and more use cases for the token are rolled out.

There is a max total supply of a bit less than 11B FUN Token. This is how such a deflationary ecosystem comes into play: in the long term, with always more demand and always less supply, upward pressure will apply to the token price.

A successful start

Dplay gaming site has been launched on August 2021. In just 7 months, it has seen more than 100K total unique players and over 12M games played, achieving a month-on-month growth of about 20%.

And this is just the very beginning

As you can see from FUN Token 2022 roadmap, many more gaming sites and applications will be released in the coming quarters, promising an exponential growth for FUN Token usage.


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