Make it FUN!

And we did! Over 40,000 people participated in the FUNToken Million FUN Poker Freeroll. Congrats to the 174 winners on the final table! A list of the winners and their prizes is here.

Make it BURN!

As promised, Adriaan Brink announced the token burn plans, for details, see here.

Make it PAY!

Binance announced saving FUN on the Binance platform. Read more about how you can benefit from up to 49% APY by saving your FUN tokens on Binance here.

Make it NEW!

As per our roadmap, we delivered our new look website, and new logo. More languages coming soon. Check it out!

Play with FUN!

Our partners at DPLAY.Casino launched the first FUN-only casino. Great games… I mean seriously great. Check them out here.
It’s been a hell of a quarter, and we’re just getting started. Another FUN casino is coming soon, lots more games–including games you know. More sports betting. More free contests for FUN.

Enjoy and have FUN!

The FUNToken Team

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