We are excited to announce the collaboration of FUNToken with iMe app. iMe Wallet is an innovative platform that offers a multifunctional alternative Telegram client, which has advanced DeFi and AI tools. This partnership is a significant step forward in our commitment to expanding the reach and utility of FUNToken in the world of cryptocurrencies and beyond.

This exciting collaboration means that FUNToken is listed on the iMe app and crypto wallet, granting our community a new, dynamic platform for managing their digital assets. iMe Wallet’s collaboration with FUNToken is a testament to our ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility and utility for our token holders.

iMe All-in-one app is not just a typical crypto wallet. It’s a multifaceted platform that uniquely combines the familiar interface of Telegram with the sophistication of DeFi and AI technologies. Key features include:

  • Securely store, buy, swap, and transfer cryptocurrencies with ease. The wallet supports 8 chains including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
  • Get access to advanced DeFi features directly within the wallet.
  • Make transactions directly in chats, via Telegram ID, public addresses, or QR codes.
  • Enjoy instant and fee-free transfers using Binance pay that is deeply integrated into iMe ecosystem.
  • Maximize the utility of your assets with developed staking and farming options.

Integrating FUNToken with iMe Wallet opens up a new realm of possibilities for our users. It lowers the entry barrier into the world of cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence, making it more accessible to both casual and professional users. Our community can now enjoy a seamless and enriched experience with their $FUN tokens, leveraging the advanced features and convenience offered by iMe app and crypto wallet.

This collaboration with iMe Wallet marks a significant milestone in our journey. It aligns perfectly with our goal to create a “trustless” gaming ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. We are excited about the future and the opportunities this collaboration brings to our community.

Stay tuned for more updates as we explore new frontiers and bring you the best in blockchain gaming and beyond.

About FUNToken

FUNToken’s objective is simple – harnessing the power of blockchain tech to create “trustless” gaming ecosystems that users can rely on and operators can implement seamlessly.

FUNToken is backed by the best in the business – FreeBitco.in is committed to fueling FUNToken’s efforts of making non-custodial gaming an industry standard.

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About iMe App

iMe is the first app to combine a full-fledged self-custodial Crypto Wallet and a Telegram-based messaging platform for seamless operations with crypto, staking in the habitual environment of Telegram.

iMe has been in operation for over three years, boasting more than 8.5 million downloads and 1 million+ monthly active users. The total volume of crypto transactions conducted on the platform exceeds a staggering $10 billion USD. It’s no wonder that iMe is number one among alternative clients built on top of Telegram.

Partnerships and Investors

The platform’s credibility is further bolstered by partnerships with over 60 different projects and VCs, including industry giants like Binance, Ton, Tron, Metis, MultiversX, Huobi, Gate.io, OKX Ventures, Symbiosis, Cartesi, and many more.

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