We are excited to announce a major strategic development in our ongoing efforts to improve the FUNToken ecosystem. We released the Polygon token (XFUN) with a new name – FUN. This move will make FUN a multichain Token and is part of our initiative to unify all token holders and dApps under a single brand.

Polygon is a Layer 2 scaling solution built on top of Ethereum, which allows it to process transactions faster and at a lower cost than Ethereum’s Layer 1. Polygon is highly scalable and can handle many transactions per second, ensuring that the FUN token remains fast and efficient as our user base grows.

With FUN as a multi-blockchain Token, users can easily swap between FUN on Ethereum and FUN on Polygon. This feature enables faster and cheaper transactions with FUN on Polygon, facilitating broader adoption, more integrations, and increased utility for the FUN Token and its ecosystem. 

What Does This Mean for Token Holders?

We are confidently committed to making this transition as smooth as possible. All XFUN token holders will receive a 1:1 ratio of the new FUN tokens, with no action required. This automatic migration ensures our users can confidently enjoy a seamless, hassle-free experience.

This strategic move allows us to focus our resources more effectively. By channeling our efforts into a single token and brand, we can confidently enhance the user experience, expand functionality, and drive growth within the FUNToken ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey towards a unified and streamlined FUNToken experience. We are confident that this consolidation will lead to a stronger, more successful, and optimized FUNToken ecosystem.


  1. What will happen to XFUN tokens post-migration? Will they still be usable?
    Post-migration, the focus will shift to the new FUN token on Polygon. XFUN tokens may still exist, but their functionality will be limited as the ecosystem transitions to the new FUN token. As part of the migration to FUN, though, we have also switched all our dApps to use the new token, From now on, you can use FUN on Polygon on XFUN.bet, XFUNarcade, and  XFUN Wallet. Dplay support is also coming soon.
  1. Can I still play on the great FUN Token dApps? Xfun.bet, Xfun.arcade
    Definitely! Once the migration is finished, they will function identically as before, except now with the new FUN Polygon token. Even better news is that it will soon be added to your favored decentralized casino!
  2. When and how will XFUN be airdropped to FUN?
    A snapshot of all token holders was taken, and the tokens will be sent to the holders afterward. 
  1. What if I cannot see the new FUN token that was transferred to me instead of my XFUN tokens?
    The token may not be picked up automatically by your wallet. 

On Xfun Wallet, 

1 – go to the bottom of the screen and click manage tokens

2- in the search screen paste the new contract address 0xC53fA49ba78bC02D3eB2858b456C95CB6DcB52Cf

3 – click the button to add it to your portfolio 

4- You should now be able to see your balance in the main screen 

If that all fails, please get in touch with support at [email protected], and they can guide you through 

  1. What are the benefits of transitioning FUN to a multichain token on Ethereum and Polygon?
    The transition to a multichain token enhances the efficiency and accessibility of FUN. Users can benefit from Ethereum’s robust security and Polygon’s faster, cost-effective transactions, making FUN more versatile and user-friendly. FUN on Polygon will gradually be listed on DEXes and CEXes to enable easy and smooth swapping between the 2 networks. 

  1. What support options are available if I encounter issues with seeing or using my new FUN tokens after I tried everything?
    If you experience any issues and cannot find the answer in our FAQ, please contact [email protected]. Make sure to describe the issue and attach screenshots if necessary. 
  1. Why does the FUN dApp still show XFUN instead of the new FUN token?
    Initially, some of our dApps might still display XFUN due to system updates. These will gradually transition to displaying the new FUN token, aligning with the migration. Please note the name of our ecosystem dApps will not change.
  1. How can I exchange between FUN on Ethereum and Polygon
    • From any wallet
      Send your tokens to 0x7D60fFD7940d4c94a27627bc8018Bfc644906b11 to get them exchanged. 
      You can always find all our live addresses here:  https://api.prod.xfun.io/api/v1/info/addresses
    • From XFun Wallet 
      With the new wallet updated, you can switch between them as normal in the app.
    • On exchanges
      Our team is working to get our new Polygon token listed on all our CEX, DEX, and payment gateways so that our Ethereum token is tradable. 

About FUNToken

FUNToken’s objective is simple – harnessing the power of blockchain tech to create “trustless” gaming ecosystems that users can rely on and operators can implement seamlessly.
FUNToken is backed by the best in the business – FreeBitco.in is committed to fueling FUNToken’s efforts of making non-custodial gaming an industry standard.

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