On April 11, 2024, we had the pleasure of hosting an engaging and informative AMA session on Web 3.0 Space with David Dobrovitsky, the CEO of FUNToken. The session covered various topics, from the project’s origins to its future in the rapidly evolving sectors of DeFi and GameFi. Here’s a detailed recap of the questions and insights shared during the event:

Introduction: Meet David Dobrovitsky

Q1: Please introduce yourself and describe how you connected with the FUNToken project.

I am a serial entrepreneur with four years of experience in the web3 space. My journey began as a CBDO at a marketing and development company, followed by founding my own web3 business, which evolved into an incubator. I contributed to several DeFi projects and worked as a consultant. In July 2021, I founded Glitter Finance, a cross-chain infrastructure platform. Recently, I was offered the CEO role at FUNToken, and I have been attracted by its potential and solid foundation since 2017.

Q2: Can you provide an overview of FUNToken’s mission within the DeFi sector?

FUNToken primarily operates within GambleFi, serving as a token for casinos within our ecosystem. My vision is to expand into DeFi and GameFi, utilizing our token for staking platforms, DAO voting, and as collateral in lending, among other applications.

Q3: What key achievements or milestones have FUNToken accomplished since its inception?

FUNToken boasts the largest GambleFi community on Web3 and is listed on major exchanges like Binance and Gate. We are actively developing new technologies to connect the DeFi and GameFi sectors.

Q4: How does FUNToken plan to expand its token utility in the future?

We plan to develop a staking mechanism and a Steam-like browser to enhance our presence in both DeFi and GameFi. Additionally, we are exploring the creation of our blockchain ecosystem and considering minting on a fast, cost-effective chain.

Segment 2: Insights from Twitter

Q1: How does FUNToken’s token utility extend beyond gaming to impact the broader DeFi and GameFi ecosystem?

As previously mentioned, integrating staking, our game-listing browser, and our potential own chain will significantly expand our token’s utility across both DeFi and GameFi landscapes.

Q2: What is FUNToken’s vision for the future of DeFi and GameFi?

Our vision encompasses integrating DeFi and GameFi to enhance token utility. This includes connecting staking with our game-listing browser and leveraging our hostless wallet, XFUN Wallet, within our blockchain ecosystem.

Q3: What strategies does FUNToken employ to foster community engagement?

We utilize gamifications like Questn, Galxe, and Gleam and engage through multiple platforms, including X, Telegram, Discord, and Reddit. Our recent rebranding, including a new mascot, Mike, also aims to enhance community engagement.

Q4: Can you provide examples of successful use cases or applications of FUNToken within the gaming and DeFi sectors?

Successful use cases include our XFUN Wallet and staking on major exchanges like Binance and Gate. We are actively developing deeper use cases which will be rolled out in the coming months.

Q5: How do partnerships contribute to FUNToken’s mission and token utility?

Partnerships like Glitter and XGLI DAO integrate FUNToken within the Glitter platform. Other marketing partnerships with Zeus, FXDX, and others aim to engage communities and foster connectivity.

Segment 3: Live Audience Engagement

Q1/2: “$FUN is listed on Binance Spot. Can we trade $FUN on Binance Futures, too? Also, when does the FUN Team release information on NFTs?”

Initially, I believed that futures for FUN were available on Binance, but they are not. You can trade FUN futures on Bybit. Regarding NFTs, we had put that initiative on hold due to a change in our branding. We plan to restart that initiative, which will likely center around our new mascot.

Q3: “What are your plans for a comprehensive roadmap development at the end of 2024?”

Our plans include staking tied to a Steam-like browser, researching and possibly developing our blockchain, and minting part of the FUN supply on a new, fast blockchain. We also aim to implement a new look, including our website.

We are grateful to everyone who joined us for this enlightening AMA session with David Dobrovitsky, and we look forward to your continued support and engagement. The journey of FUNToken is exciting, and we are eager to explore new opportunities and innovations with our community. Be sure not to miss our CEO, David Dobrovitsky, at the upcoming AMAs and panel discussions:

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These sessions are perfect opportunities to learn more about the evolving landscapes of DeFi and GameFi, engage with experts, and discuss the future of blockchain technologies. We look forward to seeing you there and continuing to grow together in this innovative community.

About FUNToken

With over 350,000 token holders and staking users worldwide, FUN Token is one of the leading GameFi tokens globally. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, FUN was crafted to provide a fast, transparent, decentralized, and trustless solution for iGaming ecosystems. By leveraging the power of DeFi, FUN Token creates gaming ecosystems that users can depend on and operators can seamlessly integrate.

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