Binance Staking

Maximize your returns with Binance's FUNToken staking program offering up to 9.90% APY for durations of 15 to 90 days. Seize this opportunity quickly as it's available on a first-come, first-serve basis! Staking

Take advantage of's staking program to earn up to a remarkable 25% APY on your $FUN holdings, one of the highest rates available in the market for boosting your crypto portfolio. Staking

Grow your $FUN investments with's staking, providing up to 12% APY. A secure and steady way to enhance your digital assets' growth.

Lend & Earn: Enhance your $FUN investment with's Lend & Earn program, offering an attractive APY of up to 14.89%. A smart choice for those looking to earn competitive returns on their crypto assets.



Ivendpay revolutionizes financial management for businesses. Accept a range of payment methods and leverage insightful analytics to understand customer spending patterns.

Binance Pay

Binance Pay is a platform that allows FUN to be spent anywhere debit card payments are accepted. It's perfect for dining out, shopping, and online purchases, making FUN your go-to GambliFi digital currency.


Guardarian is a premier gateway service that links the worlds of fiat and crypto. It allows users to trade over 400 cryptocurrencies, which expands the reach and convenience of FUN.


NOWPayments is a leading crypto payment technology that supports over 300 digital currencies. This ensures that businesses can transact with cryptocurrencies with ease, and FUN can solidify its role in the payment arena.


Münzen provides a streamlined conversion process from fiat to crypto for both businesses and individuals. Obtaining FUN token has never been easier.


FUN Token as an Asset - Capitalize on FUN assets for varied financial endeavors.

Gate Card by

Convert crypto to fiat for 80 million global merchant locations through Visa.

MEXC Master Card

Explore global online shopping with the MasterCard network. 



Use FUNToken at Fizen for a seamless shopping experience. Enjoy access to top brands like Nike, Spotify, and Airbnb.



The World Awaits - Explore over 3 million unique travel services globally, all payable with FUNToken for your convenience.

GAMING AND BETTING ADVENTURES is an OG in the crypto world, one of the first and most trusted Bitcoin faucets. It hosts a thriving crypto and gaming community of more than 350,000 active users who have adopted FUN Token.

DPLAY casino

DPLAY casino is our first online casino brand, supporting FUN, XFUN, and uBTC as currencies, available in English and Spanish, and offering content from 10 prominent providers already.


XFUN Bet is the first fully decentralized peer-to-peer Sportsbook, making Web3 betting a reality.

XFUN Arcade

XFUN Arcade is a gaming portal tapping into the fast-growing hyper-casual and skilled gaming vertical. It offers some very entertaining games, with 4 featuring our friendly mascot: FUNky.