There’s a new gaming platform in town, and it’s called XFUN Arcade. Everyone who enjoys the good old arcade games can share this experience. The XFUN Arcade is live, and you can be among the first gamers on this magnificent platform.

You’re at the right place if you want to know how to use it and its features. Keep reading and see how to use the XFUN Arcade step by step.

Step #1: Sign up

Right after opening the website of the XFUN Arcade, you need to sign up. You can use the page, view the games, and even play them, but you won’t have the chance to use all the features of the games available on the platform.

Signing up is easy; click the sign-up button, and the system will provide the QR code you need to connect a crypto wallet. Connecting a wallet is the signing up process, so make sure you have a wallet account previously.

Step #2: Connect your Wallet

The best wallet for this platform is, without a doubt, the XFUN Wallet. Although you can use any other one where you may have funds, like Metamask, Binance, and others, the XFUN Wallet has the most seamless solution to connect your wallet to the XFUN Arcade.

When you click on the wallet in the top right corner, you’ll be asked to scan the code, which will then take you to your wallet. That’s it. With the wallet connected, you can enjoy playing against other players or the computer for real money.

Step #3 Provide an Email and a Username

After scanning the QR code, you will get a new pop window asking you to provide your email and username. The primary source for using the platform is your wallet; you won’t need your email for future logins.

Provide a unique username. The username will be used every time you log in and use the Arcade. Other users will see your name in the battles and on the leaderboard.

Step #4: Run the Tutorial

After logging in, you’ll see the “Tutorial” button. The tutorial briefly explains every part of the platform, all the buttons, and what you get when you click on some of them.

It is not mandatory, of course, but it would be helpful if you run it and see what the XFUN Arcade is really about. Every part is explained; after watching the tutorial, you’ll know how to operate the page and what to expect from the games.

Step #5: Learn how to earn money by playing

Before trying to win money, it’s wise to practice some time against the computer and learn how a particular game is played. When you feel confident enough and want to earn some $XFUN, the native token of the platform, you can challenge a player in a duel or enter the war mode.

If you don’t like interacting with other players, you can always try to break your record of the most successful players on the leaderboard and receive prizes.

Step #6: Set a strategy for investing and earning

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see the armory. A set of tools and features will become available when you click it. These items have different prices, and you can buy them for upcoming games.

Set a strategy for investing in these goods and calculate how much you’ll gain by using them in-game. For example, the grenade costs 100 XFUN, but if it takes to win a match that will get you 950 XFUN, it pays off to invest.

Wrapping Up

There are five steps you need to do before kicking off. You need to sign up, connect a wallet, run the tutorial to learn every platform aspect, and start playing. When you master some of the games by playing in free mode, you should strategize about investing in additional weapons from the armory and start earning serious XFUN tokens.

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Supported by a robust development team and helmed by CEO Adriaan Brink, FUNToken’s objective is simple: harnessing the power of blockchain tech to create trust-less ecosystems that users can rely on and operators can implement seamlessly.

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