Say goodbye to old-fashioned, overcomplicated, bound-to-one cryptocurrency wallets. There’s a new player in the crypto-sphere — XFUN wallet.​​

The XFUN wallet supports multiple coins from Bitcoin to Ethereum. You can also store all ERC-20 coins on it and the native FUN and XFUN tokens. Registration is done with just one tap on the screen, and coin transfers are made by simply scanning the location you’re transferring from or to. The entire XFUN ecosystem is safe and seamless to use.

The XFUN Wallet is Truly Versatile

This is a revolutionary step from Their wallet is made non-custodial, which means the user is the only one who has the private key to the wallet and has complete custody over the digital funds stored inside.

It is also a multi-chain wallet because it is connected with more chains. It supports Bitcoin, ERC-20 tokens, but also $XFUN, which is a Polygon layer-2 token. It is a truly versatile wallet.

How to Use the XFUN Wallet?

After downloading it from the Appstore or the Play store, you’ll get the option to register or log in. You can register with just one click if you have no existing account. The wallet is fully decentralized, so you are provided a 12-word keyphrase that you need to remember for logging in later.

Once installed and logged in, the home screen will show the balance of your existing currencies. You can always add more coins later or delete the existing one if the balance is zero.

Paying and receiving coins is extremely simple. Click any of the coins you want and choose one of the options — send or receive. You can then use a written address to send, receive, or use the scan code that handles the transaction automatically.

You’ll see an estimated gas fee below that is usually lower than the competitors, but it may be higher or lower depending on your desired speed. $FUN and $XFUN are exchangeable against each other directly on the app.

Transaction history is available for everything you do; the account information lets you insert personal data. However, this is optional, and you’re not obligated to do it. Some dApps may require this info, and with the option to connect to most of them, you need to have this feature available.

To connect to different dApps, you need to use the WalletConnect feature. You’ll see an icon in the top right corner that needs to be pressed, and the app will provide options for connecting.


If you’re into iGaming, the new XFUN wallet will make you happy. The one-step dApps integration is a fantastic feature, and being non-custodial means that no one has the chance to control your funds. Enjoy your gaming, and have total control with the XFUN wallet.


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