We were overwhelmed by the success of our AMA session on XT.com. The level of interest and enthusiasm from the community was truly inspiring.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who participated! Below are the 20 most engaging questions we received and their corresponding answers.

Top 20 Questions and Answers

1. Does FUNToken have an audit certificate to ensure its security and reliability?

We’ve conducted multiple audits with Certik, a leading token audit firm. These audits validate FUNToken’s security and reliability.

2. How have you facilitated real-world adoption and social use cases?

We’ve launched the XFUN Wallet, which is central to our decentralized gaming ecosystem. It supports a variety of crypto assets and allows direct play, eliminating intermediaries. Users can swap FUN Tokens for XFUN, which offers quicker, cost-effective transactions on the Polygon blockchain. XFUN is already integrated into platforms like Dplay Casino and XFUN.bet, making gaming fast and secure. Our open API also makes it easy for third-party dApps to join, pushing us closer to our goal of decentralized gaming. Our upcoming roadmap will fully answer this question for you!

3. Do token holders have governance rights?

Yes, we’re actively working to involve our community and token holders in the project’s governance. Our upcoming roadmap(announced later this month) emphasizes decentralization and community involvement. We’re also laying the groundwork for the FUN DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that will allow token holders to steer the future of FUNToken democratically. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

4. Can you summarize your partnerships and discuss the Seed Fund initiative?

Our partnerships, including Now Payments and Guardarian, have simplified crypto transactions, while our alliance with CoinRabbit adds financial flexibility for our users. Most notably, our XFUN Wallet integrates directly with various decentralized gaming platforms.

We’ve earmarked 20 million FUN Tokens on the Seed Fund front to support 40 innovative projects. Qualified dApps gain exposure to 50 million crypto users via Freebitco.in. This initiative aims to accelerate the growth and utility of FUN Token, thereby increasing its value. If you’re an ambitious project looking to join this transformative effort, apply through our FUN Token Seed Fund Application Form. We see this fund as a catalyst for blockchain innovation, and we invite you to join us in shaping its future.

5. What are your plans for global expansion?

We are listed on several major exchanges and have over 350,000 token holders from over 200 countries.

6. How can your project convince users to invest long-term?

At FUNToken, we prioritize transparency, strong fundamentals, and real-world utility to incentivize users to hold our token long-term.

We create trust and sustainability by communicating openly with our community, building on a solid foundation, and fostering valuable partnerships. Active community involvement and continuous innovation further enhance the platform’s appeal. 

Our tokenomics, with deflationary mechanisms, promote scarcity and value appreciation. We strive to showcase that FUNToken is not merely a short-term venture but a reliable investment with a promising future. Together, we forge a prosperous journey, driving lasting benefits for all stakeholders. 

7. How is FUNToken prepared to withstand bear market cycles?

We’re committed to building utility for FUNToken, regardless of market cycles. We’ve weathered various cycles and continue to focus on product development for users. We build in bear markets and continually ensure long-term stability and resilience.

8. What key advantages position FUNToken as a leader in the gaming industry?

Our strengths lie in a multifaceted approach, anchored by our XFUN Wallet and revenue-generating dApps like xfun.bet. We boast a robust growing community with 350,000 users actively staking tokens in various ways. Our experienced team and established ecosystem offer real utility, further solidified by our deflationary tokenomics and consistent revenue streams. This comprehensive strategy ensures we stay resilient, innovate, and lead, no matter the market cycle.

9. What measures have you implemented to protect against security risks?

Security is paramount for us, especially given recent events. We employ best-in-class cryptographic safeguards, continuous monitoring, and frequent third-party audits. Our focus on decentralization ensures that users maintain control of their funds, reducing centralized points of failure. We strive to stay ahead of threats to provide a secure and reliable ecosystem.

10. How do you plan to attract non-crypto users?

One of our key strategies for promoting FUNToken adoption is focusing on its practical use cases, particularly in the online gaming industry. We aim to simplify buying, storing, and using FUNToken, and we’re investing in user education and partnerships with gaming platforms to increase its mainstream appeal. Moreover, we’re exploring various marketing and community engagement strategies to reach a wider audience.

11. What’s next for FUNToken’s partnerships, and how can new projects get involved?

While we can’t reveal upcoming partnerships, we’re actively forming alliances to boost FUNToken’s utility. Our FUN Token Seed Fund has already received 3,500 applications, but we seek more groundbreaking projects. Selected projects get 500,000 FUN Tokens and access to our 50 million-strong crypto community. Apply now to be part of this exciting journey!

Read more here.

12. What advantages will you have in NFTs, metaverse, and games?

Certainly, the future looks bright for us in the spaces of NFTs, the metaverse, and digital gaming. Our FUNToken decentralized applications (dApps) have not only seen consistent quarter-over-quarter growth but an impressive 125% growth even in a bear market. This consistent and significant growth places us in a favorable position to take our next strides into emerging fields like NFTs and the metaverse. With an expanding user base, we aim for greater token utility and liquidity, positioning us well for seizing these cutting-edge spaces’ opportunities. As we continue to adapt and diversify, we offer compelling advantages for our growing community of users and investors.

13. Do you plan to add more blockchains to the FUN Token wallet?

Currently, our XFUN Wallet supports tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains and Bitcoin. We’re open to expanding this list in the future. Our wallet is available for download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. We value community input, so feel free to share your suggestions for additional blockchain support!

14. Can you explain the main features and functionalities of FUN?

Token holders can enjoy multiple incentives such as cashback, free rewards, and additional interest on savings. It also allows seamless integration with various third-party decentralized applications (dApps), allowing users to utilize their tokens more. Overall, FUNToken aims to standardize non-custodial gaming across platforms. Experience the best of both worlds with our dApps and XFUN Token on the Polygon Blockchain. When you opt for XFUN Token as your currency of choice within our dApps, you’re in for a treat—enjoy absolutely zero transaction fees. This exclusive feature is designed to make your digital transactions as smooth as possible.

15. What problem are you solving with the FUN ecosystem?

The FUNToken ecosystem is engineered to tackle major challenges in the online gaming world, such as transparency issues, high transaction costs, and limited user control over funds. Leveraging blockchain technology, we empower users with complete control over their assets, secured by cutting-edge cryptography. Our on-chain transaction capabilities significantly lower the financial entry barriers for users. Furthermore, our provably fair system fosters trust among both players and operators. FUNToken is set to redefine the online gaming landscape, making it more secure, transparent, and user-centric. Experience the advantages of decentralization—your funds, your keys!

16. What will change in the FUNToken Ecosystem following the recent management change?

The recent management change at FUNToken is set to bring about many improvements in the ecosystem. You can expect a renewed focus on strategic growth, enhanced marketing initiatives, and robust financial planning to ensure sustainable success. Additionally, technological innovation is likely a priority, aiming to keep FUNToken at the forefront of the industry. Operational efficiencies are also on the agenda, focusing on streamlining processes across various business units. The new leadership is poised to make the FUNToken ecosystem more dynamic, efficient, and responsive to market needs.

17. How do you plan to enhance FUNToken’s value for long-term investor returns?

Our mission is to achieve unparalleled utilization of FUNToken, a decentralized and deflationary digital asset designed for the future of gaming. Boasting an established and constantly growing user base of 350,000 in Dplay Casino, we’ve set a robust foundation for growth with a quarterly increase of 125%. Additionally, xfun.bet, our revolutionary decentralized betting exchange, is poised to attract a new wave of users who relish the autonomy of managing their funds, whether as a better or as a layer. Our overarching strategy is to exponentially expand our community of users, all while delivering a seamless and user-friendly gaming infrastructure that sets us apart in the marketplace.

18.  Is there a token-burning strategy to make FUNToken more attractive for investors?

Yes, we’re committed to enhancing FUNToken’s investment potential through token-burning. Specifically, 50% of our net gaming revenue is used for quarterly token burns. Additionally, our XFUN token autonomously burns itself through activities on our decentralized betting dApps, like XFUN.bet and dplay.casino. Whether you’re the player or the house, you’re part of a system designed for deflationary value.

19. How do you differentiate FUNToken from competitors?

FUN Token’s main competitive advantage is its use case in online gaming. Unlike many tokens, FUNToken has a clear and compelling use case supported by a solid and active community. Our team’s deep experience in blockchain and gaming industries further sets us apart. In the future, we’ll maintain this edge by continuing to innovate, fostering partnerships, and staying true to our vision of revolutionizing the online gaming industry with blockchain technology.

20. Do you offer staking rewards, passive income options, and incentivization rewards for long-term holders?

You can stake the token with 25% API on freebitco.in, on Binance flexible staking with currently 3%, and on Gate.io Lend & earn.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in today’s XT.com AMA. We hope you found the answers to these questions enlightening. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to engage with the FUNToken team!


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FUNToken’s objective is simple – harnessing the power of blockchain tech to create “trustless” gaming ecosystems that users can rely on and operators can implement seamlessly.

FUNToken is backed by the best in the business – FreeBitco.in is committed to fueling FUNToken’s efforts of making non-custodial gaming an industry standard.


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