FUN is revolutionizing the way online casinos handle Deposits, Withdrawals, Transactions, Loyalty & Rewards, and in-game currency. For players, it is a fast, transparent, and truly fair way to play and win. FUN is the digital chip for the online gaming revolution.


The Digital Chip for the iGaming Revolution

The FUN Token is an asset developed specifically for the online gambling and gaming industry. It combines the qualities of the ethereum blockchain with a cutting-edge tech stack, making FUN a powerful resource for players, platforms, and developers alike. FUN seeks to usher in a new age of digital gaming.


Maximize your playing time with rapid wallet-to-wallet and in-game transactions.


Transactions are decentralized, publicly recorded, and trackable.


FUN is an ERC20 token. The ethereum blockchain makes processes faster and easier.


Players, casinos, and developers: everyone can harness FUN’s power.


Ownership of FUN Tokens is completely anonymous.

A Little Bit of FUN For Everyone​

The applications of the FUN token are diverse. Here’s a snippet of what can be accomplished with just a little bit of FUN.

FreeBitco.in: Taking FUN Forward

The FUN Token is backed by the seventh-largest online gambling website in the world, FreeBitco.in (source: SimilarWeb) Read on to find out how FreeBitco.in plans to revolutionize iGaming with FUN at the forefront.

Premium Membership Program

The first act by FreeBitco.in as backers of FUN was to launch a Premium Membership Program. The objective of the program is to incentivize their 41 million users to buy and hold FUN tokens by offering extraordinary benefits for doing so. This could be a significant step towards mass adoption.

Effective Partnerships

FreeBitco.in is building constructive partnerships with other popular iGaming websites to make FUN ubiquitous as transactional currency in online gambling.

Proactive Development

Through incentives and rewards, FreeBitco.in is mobilizing developers to build innovative apps and tech based around the FUN token, thus creating more use cases, strengthening utility, and promoting adoption.

Strategic Burning of Tokens

Utility aside, FreeBitco.in aims to maintain and improve the value of FUN as well. FreeBitco.in has possession of the FUN token cold storage which holds 4.5 billion tokens. A strategic burning schedule ensures FUN stays valuable for years to come.

FUN Is Tradeable and Liquid

The best part: FUN is also listed on major exchanges like Binance, OKEx, HitBTC, Changelly, and BitFinex. You can also acquire FUN at FreeBitco.in. Click on a logo of your favorite exchange below to purchase FUN or click on ‘Buy FUN Tokens’ to purchase them at FreeBitco.in.

Available Trading Pairs

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