Strategic Roadmap

Calling all content creators! Our new creator section connects you with studios and game partners, letting you manage your content and earn revenue or commissions from ads. Streamers and creators, this is your chance to shine and take your content to the next level on the FUN platform!

Launch of the marketplace. Want all the NFTs for your games in one place? We’ve got you covered! Want to buy off-chain items or have game merch delivered to your door? We’ve got you too!

Want your web2 game to really shine and allow users to unlock in-game content as easy as a click of a button? Want to reward your game community with airdrops or launch a new in-game currency? We've got you covered. With tools to launch tokens, NFTs, and game-centric contracts on multiple platforms, it’s never been easier to launch a web3 game!

Want to spice up your FunHub experience? Avatars have arrived to make your profile stand out. Customize your look, earn perks, and gain special access to features on FunHub. If looks aren’t your thing, Avatars will simplify actions and transactions across the site.

Calling all VIPs! Want more access? Vaults get you the inside scoop on what’s going on with FunToken and GameHub. Enjoy various perks across the FunToken and FunHub platforms by simply locking up FUN tokens in non-custodial vaults. Sign me up!

Get ready for the ultimate gaming experience! Our platform features a homepage bursting with games, news, events, and streams. Personalize your experience with a user library, discover new games tailored to you, join thrilling events, and earn rewards through various activities. Gaming has never been this FUN!

Step into the future with our cutting-edge partner portals! Partners can upload content, manage their storefronts, launch promotions, and track metrics for our upcoming Game Hub. The future is bright and FUN!

Expand your horizons as FUN bridges to multiple blockchain networks! Enjoy enhanced flexibility and reach with our multi-chain integration. Plus, embark on a liquidity reward quest by staking LP tokens for our DEX pairing and earn even more FUN. It’s a new era of possibilities!

Get ready for a brand-new look! Our website is getting a fresh makeover to match the new team at the helm. Step with us into the future of FunToken, where we're focusing on what matters most: having FUN. Explore a sleeker design, user-friendly interface, and all the exciting features we've packed in to make your experience better than ever. Let's make FUN the center of your world!

Q3 2024

Website Refresh

Q4 2024

FUN Goes Multi-Chain

Q4 2024

Portal Unveiling

Q1 2025

Fun Hub Games Launch Party

Q1 2025

Vaults Go Live

Q1 2025

Avatars! We have Avatars!

Q2 2025


Q2 2025

Marketplace Launch

Q3 2025

Creator Academy Launch